ECM is a technology-based company (TBC) leader in applied Mycology, which develops new research in the environment, innovates in forest management and cooperates in rural development. We bring everything we know with scientific and ethical rigor. We are in continuous movement to discover and work in new challenges that motivate us


We are specialists and pioneers in the management of wild mushrooms. We work to give value and commercial applications to mushrooms and fungi in different fields and professional sectors,such us food, medicinal, nutraceutical, forestry, industrial, formative and tourism.


With a clear commitment to R+D+i, we participate in different national and European projects, as well as collaborating with universities, research and technology centers. We offer technical assistance for the justification and application of innovation projects (SME instrument, RISE, Torres Quevedo, H2020)


We study and manage both wood and non-wood forest resources in a context of a changing climate and social perception of the environment, looking for sustainability in space and time.


We determine the potential of a forest to mitigate the effects of climate change, calculating how much atmospheric CO2 can store a forest mass. We enhance the role of them as carbon sinks. Our app QuantC allows us to quantify the aerial and belowground biomass, carbon and CO2 of forests worldwide.


We develop training programs focused on applied forestry mycology, data analysis tools and sustainable forest management. We support new entrepreneurs in the creation and development of their business ideas.


We carry out projects and services of environmental management, work direction, bidding assistance, route design, digital cartography, environmental impact assessments, restoration projects and other engineering studies.